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Occupational Therapy

We offer a range of occupational therapy services for preschool and school aged children, including occupational therapy for autism.

Occupational Therapy for Autism

Occupational therapy can be a powerful tool in supporting a child or young person with autism. Our team of therapists are available to discuss the best approach for you and your child and develop a plan to support your child with autism.

Occupational Therapy Assessment Process

There are four parts to our detailed Occupational Therapy Assessment:

  1. Questionnaire sent to parents prior to appointment to complete online

  2. Face to face assessment either at home or school with your child/young person and their parent/carer. We will ask you about:

    • Sensory processing and its impact on daily living

    • Mental health, including anxiety and low mood

    • Friendships / interactions with peers

    • How your child copes in the nursery / school environment

    • Daily routine and living skills including washing, dressing, toileting, eating and sleeping 

    • Developmental history

  3. The use of standardised and non-standardised assessments to assess sensory processing and motor skills

  4. Identification of goals from the parent and child/young person

During the assessment families will learn some basic sensory regulation strategies that they are able to start using straight away. We want families to feel empowered to support their child and feel it is important for them to gain some understanding of sensory processing and its impact on daily function from the very beginning. 


As part of our assessment package we will write a short summary report which will detail our formulation of the strengths and difficulties with recommendations for home and nursery / school. As part of our recommendations we may suggest further Occupational Therapy sessions. We will always be led by families and a plan for support or intervention will be made collaboratively.

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