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Speech Therapy

We specialise in speech and language therapy for children, young people and their families. We also offer specific stammering therapy for adults.

Our clients feeling comfortable, safe and relaxed is incredibly important to us. We offer therapy at home, at your child’s educational setting, online or in our comfortable and spacious clinic room. 


We work hard to find a time that suits your busy family; offering appointments throughout weekdays, evenings and weekends. We also make sure we keep in touch with everybody involved in a child’s care and education and play our part to encourage a regular and dynamic dialogue. Many of the children we work with are also being seen by an NHS therapist or on a waiting list. We have good relationships with our NHS colleagues and will always work together to achieve the best outcomes for your child. 


Our team of therapists offers a wide range of speech and language therapy, from speech therapy for stammering to speech therapy for late talkers, toddlers and kids.

Speech Therapy for Stammering

Our goal in therapy is to encourage confident, resilient communicators. We offer high quality, evidence-based therapy for people of all ages, and their families, with highly experienced, specialist therapists.


Find out more about Speech Therapy for Stammering

Speech Therapy for Autism

We offer early intervention speech and language therapy for young children and their families. We are experienced and trained in several different and complementary therapy approaches. We work with very early communicators who are not speaking through to those who are using more advanced language.

Find out more about Speech Therapy for Autism

Speech Therapy for Speech Sound Disorder

We love to work with children who are having difficulties with their speech sounds. We use a wide range of therapy interventions to help children catch up to their peers and give them the confidence to communicate and learn.

Find out more about Speech Therapy for Speech Sound Disorder

Speech Therapy for Late Talkers

Some children are later to talk than others which can be worrying for parents. We will work with you and your child to give them the best opportunity to develop language skills.

Find out more about Speech Therapy for Late Talkers

Speech Therapy for Toddlers & Kids

We will work with a child from any age, even under 12 months! If you are concerned that something is not quite right, or you need some reassurance, please contact us. Early intervention is important. All of our therapists have years of experience working with children of all ages. We will try and find you a great match and listen to you to find out what your child really needs.

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