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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. My son made so much progress with his pronunciation in a short space of time. The therapist really kept him engaged on the weekly online sessions, and the homework was achievable and really helped cement what she had taught him. Thank you so much!

Mum of 6 year old - Online Therapy

The therapy sessions have been very successful for me so far. Our therapist creates a very comfortable and casual talking environment so that I feel at ease and this, in turn, improves speech fluency. I feel a lot more comfortable using a speech technique throughout the day and this has definitely help improved my fluency. Our therapist has been extremely helpful and patient talking and listening to me and I would really like to thank her if I ever have the chance to meet her in real life.

Person who stammers

We had waited nearly 2y for 3 ineffective speech therapy sessions from the NHS so I sought help elsewhere. By the end of the first session my 9yo son was pronouncing ‘s’ for the first time in his life and he really enjoyed the session, especially the games. Our therapist is fun and engaging, efficient and reliable. Totally recommend her!

Parent of 9 year old with speech difficulties

Just a little email to say thank you, the update our therapist provides after every session is amazing. F’s speech has already improved. He tries really hard at home with the things you are teaching him. 
He absolutely loves his sessions, he gets very excited when he knows she is coming and can’t wait to tell me all that he’s learnt and the games she played when he is home. 

Parent of 5 year old with speech difficulties

Thank you very much.

I just wanted to say thank you.

Your work ethic is superb and relentless. Thank you for all you do for my son.

Parent of autistic 6 year old

I worked alongside your therapist for a number of years and hands down she knows what she is doing! She is professional, competent and reliable. She has a wealth of knowledge and is amazing with the children. She communicates well with parents too making sure they know how to support their children at home.

Speech Therapy Lead at a Primary School

When we were looking for a speech therapist, we were unsure about how we could help our daughter and combat her speech difficulties, but our therapist could not have been more helpful and made us feel at ease from the beginning.  Online sessions with our therapist were always engaging and interesting. She provided a process for us to work through each week, which has had a highly positive affect on our daughter's speech. We always came out of our sessions feeling more positive and with many helpful ideas and activities. I highly recommend her services.

Parent of 3 year old who stammers

My 5 year old daughter has been having therapy for over a month and we are already seeing huge improvements, not just in her speech, but also her confidence and focus.   Our therapist makes both the sessions and our homework fun, my daughter enjoys her time and forgets she's learning! I really wish I had done this sooner.

Mum of 5 year old with speech sound difficulties

The benefit of PACT for us was the focus on changing the way we view communion and respond to J, rather than putting all the emphasis on trying to get him to do something different. Since our sessions he’s consistently making clear sounds to indicate ‘mummy, dada, milk, water, more, open, no, go out, pick up’.

Parent of autistic 3 year old


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Z has grown in confidence and his willingness to speak with his peers, put his hand up and answer questions has also improved greatly. His speech is much clearer, and he is retaining the pronunciations and using them in his everyday speech. The work you have been doing with him and the activities put into place have had a huge impact on not just his speech and language, but his general development too. 

Parent of 4 year old with speech sound difficulties
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