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Online Therapy

The Benefits of Online Therapy

Everyone has different feelings about online therapy. For some it’s a lifeline, for others it just doesn’t feel right. And that’s OK! It is only one of the options that we offer. We offer online therapy because:

  • You can meet with your therapist even if you live hundreds of miles away; you may not be able to find a suitable therapist within traveling distance.

  • Parents can meet with a therapist in the evenings when their children are asleep with no worries about childcare.

  • Adults can meet with a therapist conveniently in their lunch break from the comfort of their own home or office.

  • Fewer time constraints as there is no travelling time for either party.

  • In-person therapy can continue even if one person is infectious or even when they are on holiday! We have seen many of our clients for a short therapy session whilst they are away to keep the continuity.


Does Online Therapy Work for Everyone?

We find that online therapy works really well for older children, teenagers and adults, particularly those accessing therapy for stammering or speech sound difficulties. It is also an excellent option for parents accessing video therapy - a type of evidence based therapy for children with autism, late developing language or early stammering.

Online therapy works less well when we are working directly with very young children as understandably they can struggle to engage. We will always give you our honest opinion on whether online therapy is a realistic option.

If you are considering online therapy, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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